Munich Spotting September 30, 2018

Hey there again!

After a long spotting break during my summer holidays in Crete and Sylt (I actually have some spotting pics from there) I finally went back to Munich Airport for a spotting session on a Sunday in late September with awesome sunny weather throughout the entire day where many special liveries paid a visit. And not only that, being the second weekend of the world famous Oktoberfest, many private jets operated to and from the airport.

In addition to this selection of pictures I’ll publish more on my Twitter account throughout the next days and weeks.

A rather new visitor was this plane. Not being a new flight but a new aircraft type - CS-TJJ is one of TAP Portugal’s brand new A321neos, here seen departing for Lisbon.

A long landing of this private Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (D-AAAY). Not photoshopped, this plane is really that short. Anyone said the CRJ-200 was small?

Delayed by an hour but still in nice evening light. One of three “United for Wildlife” themed A380s operated by Emirates departing Munich for Dubai. (A6-EER)

Did you know that Lufthansa is operating a frequent traveller program for kids? D-AILU, an A319-100, is promoting the program along with its mascot “Lu”. See the connection between livery and registration?

Not too long ago TUIfly introduced a number of modern special liveries along with changing their standard livery. D-ATUG seen here departing for Lanzarote promoting the all-inclusive club chain TUI MAGIC LIFE on a Boeing 737-800NG with split scimitar winglets.

Munich’s daily queen. Thai’s HS-TGZ Boeing 747 departing Munich for Bangkok. This Flight will be changed to Boeing 777s from October 28 ending the Boeing 747 passenger service operating in Munich.

Another business jet, registered at the Isle of Man @AdamCallow departing the Oktoberfest.

Egyptair created a special livery for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Originally, the special livery on SU-GEN only showed a few selected players. That was later changed to the the variant you see here.

Anyone knows where this Oktoberfest visitor is coming from? T7-IVM departing Munich probably not to its home in San Marino

Finally, two more special liveries arrived. The first one was VP-BNT, Aeroflot’s A320 in their retro livery.

Only a few minutes later, ANA’s JA873A, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in Star Wars/R2-D2 livery arrived, seen here on short final for runway 26R.

Hope you liked this little collection! :)

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Hey, those are some great photos! The R2-D2 is really nice!


Awesome photos!!!
The Emirates A380 livery is the best in my opinion
Thanks for sharing

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Wow, this are absolutely amazing. Just love looking at each and every one of 'em! I like the All Nippon 787, Thai 747 and the private CRJ the most.

Aren’t you only allowed 10 photos per post? It doesn’t matter to me though, as I want to see as many as I can.

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Such shots mate! Love the Lufthansa A319 shot!


Those are some great pictures @Moritz! What camera do you use to get those shots?


That backdrop is sweet ona few of those with the A350 in the back!

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You might also like this shot I guess ;)


I’m using a Canon EOS 80D and the Canon 55-250mm lens


Thank you!

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Nice photos! It must have been cool to see the TUI Magic Life livery.


Wow, nice shots. I really liked the retro Aeroflot A320.

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Amazing shots! Got some nice specials there too!

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Awesome shots! Well done. @Moritz. :)

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That A350 in the background looks awesome. It’s just silently overseeing the runway.

I think that this collection of pictures is really epic! Personally I really like the A320 with reverse thrust and the ANA Star Wars livery! Well done @Moritz! Keep it up!😀😊😄😆

Beautiful pictures, love every single one of them, but especially the ANA (R2 D2) Star Wars Livery & Thai Airways 747-400 😍

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