Munich Spotting August 03, 2018

After a little break I am back with a new spotting session at EDDM/MUC - Munich Airport. Accompanied by @skotshi I went for a long spotting day starting at 6 am for the arrivals of Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and South African’s A330 on August 3.
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The morning inbound rush started with Singapore’s A350 arriving shortly after sunrise in a very nice light.

Shortly after, also the Queen from Thailand arrived inbound from Bangkok.

One of two daily Etihad flights and one of five overall flights from the United Arab Emirates operated by a 777-300 arriving while the sun was rising further.

While Qatar flies to Munich twice daily, the following has become a very rare sight at Munich. With Qatar Airways leasing two 350s from LATAM, the only planes we’ve seen in Munich were the LATAM ones. Introducing the Q-Suites on the flights from and to Germany, Qatar switched back to it’s own beautiful A350s for the morning rotation and will soon switch to 777 services.

After the first wave of inbounds had passed, I changed my position for a while where D-AIZC “Büdingen”, one of Lufthansa’s freshly painted A320’s departed from 08L

Since flies were all over the place on the northern spot I decided to return to 08R, where I arrived just in time for the arrival of one of the three Emirates flights, this one being the only one not operated by an A380-800.

After yet another position change I had the chance to spot Lufthansa’s two latest A350’s (D-AIXJ and D-AIXK) as well as both Munich-based A330s by Eurowings. These as well as the other pics following can also be found in my Jetphotos profile or (for limited time) directly in Flightradar24.

View at Jetphotos

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D-AXGA is wearing Eurowings’ special livery promoting holidays in Cuba
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An interesting arrival from Hurghada (Egypt) was this Moldavian A320 operated by FlyOne for Corendon Airlines Europe:
View at Jetphotos

A very rare visitor to Munich was this Azur Air Germany Boeing 737-900. The airline isn’t visiting Munich very often and has already reduced it’s fleet again with this plane being the only 737-900 of the airline.
View at Jetphotos

After its turnaround being completed, Emirates’ 777 left uns again, now in full light.
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After @skotshi arrived, we went to the fourth spot of the day where two special liveries and a livery that is becoming rather rare apart from the normal traffic.

Air Canada’s Toronto-bound Boeing 787 in old colors taxiing for departure:
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Icelandair’s latest special livery is only a few months old but due to high demand requiring one of the few Boeing 757-300s, this beauty celebrating 100 years of independence almost arrives at a daily basis now:

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Another airline known for its many special liveries is TUIfly, here’s the Boeing 737-800 promoting a online shop for personalized photo books. Anyone interested in an airplane book?

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I hope you enjoyed this picture series, maybe you find some of the pictures on as well!

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😍 These photos are amazing. The quality is amazing.


Love the first one 😍

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Wow! That’s awesome!

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Very nice photos there! Enjoyed looking through them :)

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Came here for photos of @skotshi. Very disappointed Babble


Awesome photos. Love the Air Canada 787!


Definitely some of the best pictures I have seen in the IFC. Fantastic job!


Great pics, love the quality of them, great catch of the Icelandair 757-300.

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Awesome pictures man! Keep this great work going :D

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For a person from the US this cool

Great captures 👍 Those first light ones are particularly good

Thanks for sharing

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Went spotting today and I guess one of your planes came to give me a visit!


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Here are my pics

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I like to see Singapore Airlines planes and Boeing 777 Etihad Airways. My eyes were immediately fixed on the that Airbus A350 aircraft, and i immediately saw the a350 aircraft. And wings it look like eyelashes.

Great pic!😃😍😉🙂✈👍


Gut schaut’s aus! Love the pics, really nice shots.


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