Munich/Singapore Gate Spotting + In-Flight Pictures

Hello IFC! This isn’t a real spotting topic per se but I wanted to share these pictures I took en route to Sydney last December. We took a weird routing through Munich and Singapore, which meant I got to try out three different airlines and three different aircraft.

Shot on D7500 + Tamron 45mm f/1.8

I don’t have any pictures from my first flight since I didn’t get a window. AC 77W was nice but nothing special.

Munich Airport has installed double glass but that’s not going to stop me.

Terminal 2 (I think) offers some pretty nice photo opportunities despite the double glass.

Really love the low light capabilities of my 45, even though it’s autofocus at night is pretty mediocre (and nowhere near my 100-400 but I can’t use that at night).

Onboard my bird, D-AIXC. I think this is part of Munich but I’m not exactly sure. The plane hit some turbulence right as I released the shutter so this one-second exposure gave some cool effects (and yes, it’s blurry and I can see that but I don’t care). The Lufthansa A350 is my favorite aircraft I’ve flown to date.

Next morning in Singapore. “Holiyear” was my ride to Sydney. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Scoot but I didn’t mind them. Nothing inherently wrong with them, and it’s hard to complain when you just paid barely over $150 for a 7 hour flight during peak season.

Some interesting looking clouds as we approach cruising altitude.

Thanks for viewing this! Sydney and Melbourne topics coming soon.


Munich, the best airport of Germany :))


Frankfurt isn’t very good compared to Munich…


Just imagine this is IF ✈️

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Having been in both I have to say Munich is a bit nicer but Frankfurt is in no way bad


Wow! Fantastic clouds!

The pictures from MUC (and yes, it’s Terminal 2) are really nice too, the SIN one as well.

Nice topic, thanks for sharing!


I hate Frankfurt because the way they handle connections is awful. Almost missed my flight because of that.


You’re definitely one of the best spotters on IFC for sure :)

There all great, keep it up!

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It’s quite a maze but Munich is kinda as well.

Thanks guys!


Not really, just the security and the distances to walk are awful.

Mediocre? Those night photos are stunning! Love the terminal views of the 787’s and A350, and the Lufthansa wing view is epic, and you got an awesome photo of the clouds as well. Amazing job!

I saved some to my device, I’ll PM you if I use them in any way.

I wish it was that lol

It has a pretty hard time latching on and it isn’t the most accurate, but it’ll do. Thanks though

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That’s the spirit!

Nice pictures though! 😊

shatters glass

Jokes aside, these are awesome pictures! I never associated gate spotting with quality pics, but wow, these are incredible! The sheer quality and resolution of these amazes me. It looks as if there is no glass at all lol

Amazing pictures! Luv the 787 😍

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haha thanks! Munich keeps their glass pretty clean and if you shove your lens up against the glass and strategically stand to block reflections it works alright



When life gives you double glass…


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