Munich (EDDM) airline parking spot realism

I just wanted to quickly give some Information About where the different Airlines park at Munich Airport, to add more realism for you and especially for me, because it is my home Airport. I know that Nothing I write is compulsory and I know that there will be pilots doing it wrong but at least I can reach some pilots:
Terminal 2 is 50% in posession of the Airport itself and 50% in posession of Lufthansa. It is without a doubt the terminal that makes Munich an 5 Star Airport for many years now. Also there is the new satellite terminal on the other side of the tarmac, which belongs to Terminal 2, too. Those two terminals are only used by Lufthansa, which has a base in Munich, their star alliance Partners and all other Lufthansa Group members besides Eurowings which was moved to Terminal 1. Terminal 1 serves all the other Airlines and also the Low Cost Carrier like EasyJet and Eurowings. Ist getting expanded Right now but the Expansion hasnt been finished yet. Besides that Munich also has a Pretty large amount of private Jet traffic, since Munich has a great amount of Headquarters of big companies, such as Siemens and BMW.
If you want to read more About Munich Airport and its facilities you can visit this post (from IFATC at Home) :
IFATC at Home - Munich International Airport (EDDM) - Maximilian1805 - CLOSED


Thank you for this! We definitely need this, and not just for EDDM. Unfortunately, as this is not enforceable (I think it should be), I don’t think many people will follow through. As a realism police, I absolutely hate it when people don’t use the correct gates!

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I’m sorry, I had to highlight that! If it’s like taxiway(s), runway(s) and/or apron(s) between the two, it isn’t tarmac. If it’s a car park or something, then yeah maybe. Sorry, I had to say it, sorry. It’s a running joke I have seen around a lot. Don’t worry though, loads of people do that, your not alone!
Thanks for this! I will use it the next time I fly to Munich! This is great for realism and very helpful for everyone who who want 100% realism. 👍🏼

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TARMAC @InfiniteFlightDeck 😂

Nice Informational post! This will for sure get book marked and it will help me in the future. Thanks mate, and stay safe!

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When you first mention about GA traffic, what come to my mind is C172/DA40/SR22 fly in and out. Then you diclose the reason of many GA traffic is because the HQ of those company, I realized what you mean is those Gulfstream/Globle Chanllenger/Falcon/

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