Munich - Denver lufthansa a350

G’day everyone! Does anyone want to do a flight with me to Denver? Tomorrow will I organise a group flight from Munich to Denver for the official Infinite Flight event.

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Event Notifications :

  • Lufthansa A350-900
  • Expert server
  • Munich [EDDM] - Denver [KDEN]
  • ATC needed

Flight notes :

  • Every member of this flight needs to spawn at EDDM 1 - 2 hours before the departure time! I will post in that time here in this thread the flight plan and all other flight statestics you need.

**> Departure time : 11:00 Munich **
> Arrival time : 13:45 Denver

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Gate assignments :

Every member of this flight haves an assigned gate. Please follow this gate assignment for this flight.

Everyone is going to spawn at terminal 2 :

Terminal 2
  • Gate 224 A/B = N/A
  • Gate 223 B = N/A
  • Gate 222 B = N/A
  • Gate 221 = N/A
  • Gate 220 B N/A
  • Gate 219 A = N/A
  • Gate 219 B = N/A
  • Gate 217B = N/A
  • Gate 216 = N/A
  • Gate 215 A / B = N/A
  • Gate 214 = N/A
  • Gate 213B = N/A
  • Gate 212 A / B = N/A
  • Gate 210 B = N/A

The gate assignment for denver is not assigned here. All members of this flight needs to take a gait that is available for the a350-900.

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ATC assignments :

If you are a expert server IFATC controller you can sign yourself in to controll Munich and Denver airport. Please send to me a PM if you wan to controll Munich or Denver.

Notifications :

  • Follow the ATC instructions [I am not responsible for level 2/3 violations]
  • Follow the airborn / flight rules.
  • Be realistic enough to make this a nice and succesfull flight! :)
  • Enjoy your flight to Denver :)

If you want to join this flight you can let it know in the commands or send to me a PM. Please let know to me your call sign :). If you have any further questions about this flight you can always ask me. If you want to become a controller you need to send a PM to me!

See you at Munich!

Also note :

Sign in for this flight will close 2 hours before departure time :

If you didn’t sign in after those 2 hours you can send to me a PM and i try to add you to this flight!

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