Munich at it's best! (MUC/EDDM)

Hey everyone here are some pictures from my first planespotting session this year in MUC!

In this topic I’ll only show you the Medium-haul planes. The Long-haul planes are coming in another topic!

Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
Lens:Tamron 18-400mm
Airport: Franz Josef Strauß Airport Munich (MUC/EDDM)
Date: 02.01.22

The pictures:

November-Mike rolling to runway 26R (D-AINM/A320neo)

A Lufthansa A321 in the old colours! (D-AIST/A321-200)

And a Lufthansa A321 in the new colours! (D-AISQ/A321-200)

My first Lineage 1000! (9H-FCM/Embraer Lineage 1000)

And my first STAR ALLIANCE E175! (SP-LIO/Embraer E175LR)

And I also saw this one here for the first time! (TF-ISX/B757-300/100 Years Icelandic Independence)

A private A319 was also in MUC! (K5-Aviation/A319-100 ACJ)

And I also spotted my first Saudia on that day (HB-ASB/A320-200)

Zulu-Golf heading out of MUC! (D-AIZG/A320-200)

But the highlight of the day was the de-icing in the morning! (9H-FCM/Embraer Lineage 1000)

I hope you like the Topic!

See you soon for the HEAVYS!


Gonna be honest, I think that the old Lufthansa livery is better than the new one.

These are some great photos, can’t wait for the long hauls


Beautiful shots. I love the icelandair 757 one! 🙌🏼
Do you have an aviation insta account?


Awesome shots! That Icelandair livery sure is beautiful. Cool private jets as well.

Great work!

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great pictures

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Nice spotting! I love that icelandair livery.

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so, you have snow tooo…

nice shot, i like the last because it is familiar to Canada


in before moritz calls this bad weather

Great pics. Especially liked the Icelandair….stunning livery.


In which universe would that be bad weather? 🤡


Nice shots!


Thank you! You aren’t the only person which thinks that

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Thank you! Yes, I have an insta account: nue_approaching

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Thank you as well ! @T1MMY4L1F3_YT @Infinite_Qantas @BlueThunder08 @BayoMan @centauridr and @Basilisk :)


I assume we could know each other over a few corners, you probably spotted with Lukas/Bravo.757 already?

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Mwah!! Look at that beauty!!😍😍

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Nope, so far I haven’t had the pleasure of spotting with him :/

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Thanks! Found ya!

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