Munich Approach North & South controllers

I’m glad that the good comment was passed along and no controllers should receive bad comments if delays are created, they are their to control that airspace to make it safe for you and other aircraft around you and I think you all do a tremendous job especially in those conditions, I only really had the time to take off fly to my destination and land immediately but given the busy period and vectors it added an extra half an hour onto my flight but it was totally worth it and just added to my flying experience I’ll be flying to Munich more often :D thank you.

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It was a fantastic experience I didn’t realise it was that busy till I was given vectors and then looked on my map and I’ll try and find out the rest of the names but I do remember one of them called youngy and I’ve found him on here (I think) but can’t message him… must admit I panicked when i was given these vectors having never flown in any busy situations whatsoever and thought how am I going to do this but when the controllers basically flew my aircraft to the airport I was quite happy with my landing :)


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