Munich Airport Needs To Be Edited

Hey IFC,

Quick question. When was the last time Munich Airport was edited?

This is what it is supposed to look like:


Here’s what it looks like in the sim :


Notice how it appears they have remodeled Terminal 2?

I just landed and noticed that the gate the plane in real life was parked at wasn’t even in the game.

So please edit the airport !


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From being there in real life yesterday I can surely tell you the current layout is correct like shown in the lower picture you provided lol

(Your Upper picture actually shows the gate numbers at the different floor levels of Terminal 2 decomposed)


which gate is Terminal 2 G20 lol , Are they just numbered differently?

The G and H lettering are just the „Public“ numbering for passengers, IF uses the official stand nomenclature from the German AIP:


How was this supposed to work if that part of the terminal wasn’t underground? 😂

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