Mumbai to Ratnagiri India

Flight along western coast of India from Mumbai (VARB) to Ratnagiri (VARG) in C208 on Training Server. Altitude 4500 ft. Local time around 1 PM.

Taking off from Mumbai (VARB)

Kopshi Nadi River


Nice pictures

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Awesome job! I’m from Mumbai, so love to see my 2nd home airport get some love! 🤩


You know you’re in the training server when the other plane is taking off in the other direction!

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Nice shots!
BTW - Mumbai’s ICAO code is VABB, not VARB.


IFVARB must be super happy to get their own airport!
Nice pictures @Kansas_Scotty, hope you enjoyed the flight :)


Thanks for the correction. Typing is not my strong suit.

Thanks, i hadn’t thought of that. There was no ATC, wind speed was 0 kts, and we were heading out in opposite directions. I probably should have been using 27 anyway.

27 is the main runway at VABB IRL - just a fun fact.
They barely ever use 32 at all, and the winds mostly come in from the sea - from a westerly heading.
So even though they have two runways they choose to use only one.
Back in the days before COVID and before Jet Airways shut down, it used to be quite fun to see traffic go to the absolute minimum in spacing between landing and taking off aircraft!


Thanks for that information. I love learning about the places I visit in IF.