Mumbai to Newark | 777-200ER | United Airlines

VABB- KEWR | 🇮🇳 -> 🇺🇸| UVAL135

Hey! I’m back! I got lucky on this flight and accidentally timed it perfectly with a gorgeous sunrise in Mumbai. This was also my longest 772 flight since the update.This is a flight I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so uh, I did it. I’m not good at this @NoahM paragraph thing so I’ll just shut up and show you the pictures.

Flight “deets”

Callsign: UVAL135 Heavy
Aircraft: United 777-200ER
Flight time: 15:07
Altitudes: 300,310,320,340,360,380


Loading mango juice at the gate for @Captain_JR, along with a light 115 tons of fuel.

Our CFM’s rocket our 300 ton aircraft out of Mumbai’s runway 27 just as the sun rises

Assorted photos admiring the mountains of Kabul 🇦🇫 , along with the detailed wings of the 772.

@Anshul28 this ones for you. The wings look almost too real in this one.

Cruising over Greenland at FL340 🇬🇱

5 or so hours later, I think it was @Joseph_Spinner waits patiently as I prepare to slam the aircraft into the ground at Newark

A very early touchdown :(

At the gate in Newark!

Thanks guys! Drop a vote!

Favorite photo

  • Loading mango juice
  • Rocketing out
  • Kabul #1
  • Kabul engine view
  • Kabul wing view
  • Last Kabul shot
  • Greenland wing shot
  • United 772s
  • Touchdown
  • Newark gate shot

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I’ll see you guys next time with IAH-DOH, bye!


I appreciate the kind act, after you allegedly snatched my previous batch scheduled for AMS… 😂

Anyhow, fantastic picture, love each and every one of them truly :)

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Thanks guys! I fixed the photos, they uploaded weird

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Did you really slam the plane down 🙃. Nice photos by the way! This route is definitely on my bucket list.

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No, check the flight details lol, landing v/s was -106

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Ahh I’m a blind boy. Well glad to hear that!

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Those are. Amazing. Awesome photos Suhas, I have no idea how you did this without the app crashing tbh

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Really nice screenshots, loved it!

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Me either.
Thanks BL!

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With what app do you ediit your screenshots?

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I PM’d ya 😁

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Those Wingview shots though 👀…Lovely shots! Keep them coming!

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That’s super nice :) Good job my friend

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Those are some nice photos! The captions of them are hilarious 😂

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@Anshul28 Inspried by you, glad you liked 'em :D
@VegasAviation Thanks Kayden! Sorry I betrayed SWVA… just this once ;)
@MJP_27 Thanks :)


Those are some really nice shots mate!

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Haha don’t worry hehe I do it too

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MUMBAI!! 🤩😍🤩😍

It is mango season 🥭, so what a wonderful surprise to the passengers!

I can’t wait till I operate this as well, waiting for the B77W to roll out first though 😉

PS.: your timing seem to be off. UA49 leaves at 18:40 Zulu, arriving at 10:40 Zulu. But who can miss that gorgeous sunrise! 🤩

Awesome job, keep up the great work!

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For that first one I thought you were on the runway with cargo doors open… haha!

Very nice pictures, thank you for sharing :)

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