Mumbai to Delhi Event Request

Hey my request is to anyone who is able to organise a flight from VABB -VIDP, one of the busiest routes in the world and yet so quiet in Infinite flight. Please reply!

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You can just wait until you reach TL2. There is another choice too, you can create a group flight :)

I’m just 15, I don’t possibly have the capability of hosting events

You can create an event on your own. It does not matter how old are you :) I am 16 years old and I organised an event with 67 pilots on my own.

Your age does not matter. You have to be TL2 (Trust Level 2, aka Member) and you are currently TL1 (Trust Level 1, aka Basic User) to post in #live:events or #live:groupflights. Keep posting, creating topics, liking posts, and reading topics and you’ll be at TL2 in no time.

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I think an event on the VABB to VIDP route could be a good idea.
And I do understand Kevin when he says he’s only 15 yrs old and doesn’t see himself able yet to organise en event.

Kevin, a few possible choices for you:

  1. search recent events, and learn on how to organise one yourself.
  2. search recent event events; note down the names of the organisers, and ask them to organise an event around your suggestion, or to help you organise it.
  3. search this forum for ‘where next event’, and present them with your idea.

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I am only 16 years old and I am the events manager for Turkish Virtual and I have planned an event with 41 pilots currently signed up. What I’m trying to say is that age does not matter. It is about your TL, but also your organizational skills.

Thank you very much for this really helpful reply!


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