Mumbai international Airport

I fly a lot in Indian airspace and feel so lonely but this is the first time I have seen the VABB busy with lot of flights and also with ground and tower.

It really is both joyful and realistic when there is ATC and other flyers.
This is the very thing that sets apart INFINITE FLIGHT from normal flight simulation/simulators.
Glad I got to see this and
i Hope this happens often


Yes, totally agree with you. My family is from Mumbai but I live in Chicago USA, so I regularly fly in/out of both KORD & VABB!

He can’t possibly talk about Expert Server…?

IFATC isn’t even supposed to be there today. He’s probably referring to TS.


It is okay if he expresses his thoughts and opinions. There really is no need to comment on this.

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Yes, It’s indeed the training server that I am talking about

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Sorry and will not create a new topic the next time

Keep an eye out for ATC Tracking Threads. The creator may choose an Indian Airport to control at.

It’s great hat you are happy and got ATC in VABB today. Remember that ATC on Training Server can be active anywhere whenever they whenever they can.

Even you can be ATC there, while on Expert they have a schedule to follow.

As long as you’re on Training Server you may encounter ATC in India more often than what you would on ES :)

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Today Mumbai has been popular on ts1 because of the ACVA event earlier this morning… I agree, VABB is a great airport.

I did see a virtual airline fly their, I was their too. Amazing airport.

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