Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Airport Flyout @ VABB - 061600ZJUL19



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Why VABB: Mumbai is the place where I was born and mumbai airport is a airport which is lonely so I decide to make a flyout of Mumbai (VABB)

Date and Time:2019-07-06T16:00:00Z
Sever: Expert
Airport: VABB


  1. Please use ATC accurately
  2. You can file you own flight plan or use
    3.You are responsible for you own fuel onboad
  3. Please use Airport charts of the airport when Departing

ATC for event



Gates for event

International Gates
Terminal Gate V

V04L to Zurich A330 Swiss @Siddhansh
V04 to Frankfurt A380 Lufthansa
V05 to Dubai A380 Emirates
V06L to Doha A380 Qatar
V06 to Singapore A380 Singapore @SID_LAND
V07L to Hong Kong B747 Cathay Pacific
V07 to Shanghai A330 China Airlines @Hainan_Airlines_1256
V07R to Sydney A380 Qantas
V08L to Melbourne B787 Qantas @TheRealPocketRishi
V08 to Perth B747 Qantas
V09 to Moscow B777 Aeroflot
V10 to Newark B777 United @Parth3315 Leader
V11 to John F Kennedy B777 Air India
V12 to Tokyo Narita B787 ANA @Voyager456
V13 to Tokyo Hande B787 ANA
V14 to Tokyo Hande B777 Japan (JAL)
V15 to Bangkok B777 Thai
V16 to Kuala Lumpur B777 Malaysia
V17L to Istanbul B777 Turkish @United_1154
V17 to Seoul A330 Korean Air
V17R to Colombo A330 Air Asia
V18L to Paris B777 Air France
V18 to Munchi B747 Lufthansa
V19 to Stockholm A330 SAS
V20L to London LHR A380 British Airways
V20 to London Gatwick B777 British Airways
V21L to Manchester B777 British Airways
V21 to Abu Dabhi A380 Etihad
V22 to Auckland B777 Air New Zealand
V23 to Amsterdam B747 Kim
V24 to Toronto B777 Air Canada @Ankur_Poonia
V25 to Johannesburg A330 South African Airway
V26L to Milan B777 Philippines
V26 to Norboi B787 Etophian
V26R to Vienna B777 Austrian
V27L to Lisbon B747 Air India
V27 to Cape Town A340 South African Airways
V27R to Muscat A321 Air India
V28L to Sapporo B777 ANS
V28 to Osaka B777 Air India
V28R to Wellington B777 Air New Zealand
V29 to Copenhagen A330 SAS
V30 to Rome B747 Air Italia
V31 to Venice B747 Air Italia
V32 to Jeddah B787 Saudi

Domestic Gates
Terminal A

A01 to Kolkata A321 Air India
A02 to Delhi JET AIRWAYS B737
A03 to Ahmedabad A320 Indigo
A04 to Goa A321 Air India
A05 to Hyderabad A321 Air India
A06 to Bengaluru A321 Air India @Darkeyes
A07 to Cochin A320 Indigo
A08 to Bhopal A320 Indigo
A09 to Vadodara A321 Air India
A10 to Pune A320 Indigo
A11 to Jaipur A321 Air India
A12 to Guwahati A321 Air India


Remote 1
Remote 2
Remote 3
Remote 4
Remote 5
Remote 6
Remote 7
Remote 8
Remote 9
Remote 10
Remote 11
Remote 12
Remote 25
Remote 26
Remote 27
Remote 28 to Muscat (OOMS) 737-900 Jet Airways @kaibroadbentt
Remote 29
Remote 30
Remote 31
Remote 37
Remote 38
Remote 39
Remote 40
Remote 86
Remote 87
Remote 88
Remote 80
Remote 81
Remote 82
Remote 83
Remote 84
Remote 85
Remote 35
Remote 34

Cargo Gates



Charts for VABB

Please Come and Enjoy the event

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Gates will be added sorry the topic was created accidentally.


Mumbai, eh? I kind of do want to get a dosa.


Only ATC will be active if this event is on the schedule. I would recommend PMing Tyler and see if you can work something out


Some of the International Gates destinations will be added soon if you want to book a International Gate request below with Aircraft, destination, and airline Thank you


Put me on a flight to Tokyo narita


They seem to use the 787. Mind if I use that instead?


Good to go @Voyager456


Just to put it out there, the date format is incorrect. The correct one for this event is:


Thank you I will Change it


Hi. May I take a gate to Istanbul(LFTM)? Flying as a 777-300er. Thx


All of the Gates are add. Let me know If you want to change aircraft, destination or airline if you want a cargo gate please write cargo airline, destination and aircraft. Please come and Enjoy!!!

                      **Please Sign Up!!**


This may be wrong……l suppose:)


I’m in!!! Put for JET AIRWAYS b737 - 900 to New Delhi…
Gate - international terminal gate V22


@Hainan_Airlines_1256 you are sign up!!
@SID_LAND flight within India cannot depart from International Gates so I put you in Domestic terminal, Terminal A, Gate A02 to Delhi using jet airways B737-900


South Afriacn doesn’t fly to Mumbai😕


I guess it does? Do you know what fly


Can you put me on a flight to Melbourne (I know it doesn’t exist) on the Qantas 787? And please use a picture of the new Terminal 2, that’s a picture of the old terminal back in 2006!


Ok so put me for mumbai to Singapore in the international side… SINGAPORE AIRLINES A380