Mumbai ATC accuses Singapore Airlines headed to "wrong" airport

Singapore Airline flight SQ 422 servicing Mumbai from Singapore was on approach into Mumbai using a A350-900. Apparently Mumbai ATC said it was on approach to “Mumbai Juhu Airport” and the pilot “mistook” the Juhu airport runway for the assigned runway 09 of the Chhtarapati Shivaji International airport (CSIA).

However the airlines denies this and said “Singapore Airlines flight SQ422, operating from Singapore to Mumbai on December 4, was scheduled to land on runway 09 at CSIA at 1035 hrs. Due to poor visibility conditions, the crew discontinued the approach to runway 09 at approximately 1,000 feet, in accordance with standard operating procedures,” the airline said.

Following this Mumbai Approach ATC vectored the plane for runway 09 at CSIA, which proceeded to land safely.

What is your opinion on this?

You can view the full story here

Here is both of the airport’s respective locations on Google Maps.


Both airports are located pretty close to each other. I guess it’s not surprising if they land at the wrong airport especially during bad weather with bad visibility in case they intercepted the wrong ILS


Not really related, but the news likes to use pics of A380s even if the aircraft involved isn’t one.


Yeah I noticed this. It’s their flagship aircraft so it’s not that weird though as most airlines use their A380’s when advertising/promoting their airline.

In case any of you are looking for the flight’s route on FR24. It’s available here

Also, here is a link to the accident report in AvHerald


This is actually not the first time this has happened…

They just like putting the world’s largest passenger jet to get more people to read it…🤷

Anyways, I read this the other day, I guess I’m not really sure who’s to blame, most likely the weather, though Mumbai airport has bad weather quite often, and pilots are still able to land at the correct airport, so maybe if they were paying closer attention…but again idk


It looks like it flew over Juhu airport at a low altitude which might have caused Mumbai ATC to think it was on final for Juhu Airport. Which makes me think that the communication between Singapore Airlines & Mumbai Approach was not clear leading to a confusion.

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Ah yes, im just realizing the confusion there, that Mumbai’s ATC thought they were on approach at the wrong airport, while SQ says that the pilots were on approach at the correct airport but decided to go around.
This one is tough to call, but considering how accurate ILS is and that they are in the newest, one of the most technologicaly advanced aircraft, it’s hard to say that they were approaching the wrong airport.
But looking at the flight path @George posted, it definitely looks like they were parallel with Juhu’s runway at first…

I guess the plane can be advanced, but it comes down to the pilots…

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I mean it’s not all the pilots fault there’s poor visibility

Happens all the time really, not like news channels know their aircraft.

Back on topic, as @George said, they might have intercepted the wrong ILS since both airports are located pretty close to each other.


That might be true…but it might not be.
I watched Captain Joe’s recent video on the ILS approach, and he said each runway ILS has a different frequency (something along those lines), and that shows up on the display. This was done specifically for this reason; if two runways are near each other, the incorrect ILS shouldn’t be intercepted.
Do check out Captain Joe, he is a must-subscribe channel for av geeks! :)


This incident reminds me of a Malaysian 734 incident in Medan. The plane nearly landed on the new Medan Airport by then (Kuala Namu Airport) which hadn’t been opened yet. But the ILS was turned on for unknown reasons which caused confusions for the crews.

Even though each ILS has different frequencies, but I guess it didn’t stop the pilot from incorrectly assuming their intended runway. Just in my opinion ;)


Yep that’s true. In low visibility, once they saw that runway and none other, they most likely assumed that to be their target.


Fortunately, the plane didn’t land at Juhu. Had the plane landed there, the plane would be likely to overrun the runway, as the airport’s runway is only a small aerodrome for GA aircrafts. And would have killed many innocent lives.


The only reason to me that this has press is because it is an A350, if it was a C750 this would not be reported.

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Well what does the data show?

The aircraft only turned towards that other airport once it started climbing, so definitely not a mistake imo.

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I think ur looking at the flight plan backwards. The plane turned towards the CORRECT airport when it started climbing. You see where the green line intersects the gray line? That’s the point where they were above the correct airport, but obviously had to come back for another approach. 😀

The last time such an incident happening, an Ethiopian 767 landed in an airport in Arusha with a 1300m runway instead of Kilimanjaro intl.

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