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I’m Brazilian and I’m entering the simulator, I’m going to buy the app and the multiplayer mode. Some friends who simulate here told me to buy a pro version of 1 month, for beginners it pays to pay this amount of just one month. and my device is an LG K10 does the game run well on it?

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Hey there, welcome to the simulator and i hope you enjoy it. I highly suggest looking at the link below to find your device and it’s compatible with the simulator.


the phone isn’t listed there


Hey Clayton! The LG K10 is a pretty low performance device unfortunately but you can try it on the lowest graphics.


May i ask how long you have had this device, the longer you had the lower-calibre phone the more chance of an app crash due to the RAM being stressed out. Just make sure every graphic setting is at low, make airplane count as none and try minimising overheating and not having any background running. Any issues you may run into may be because of your device.

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understand, thanks for your alert

has only one week of use with me, but, I am the second owner

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