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Hello all. I had a question regarding taking phone calls and sending messages while flying. Does taking phone calls or responding to text messages end my flight? I know it pauses it temporarily but will it disconnect me if I don’t return to flying right away?
What about doing other things like DoorDash while flying long hauls? Thank y’all

Depends on if your device has a sufficient amount of resources. If you open a call and leave Infinite Flight in the background but your device is running low on resources, then Infinite Flight is likely going to be restarted.

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All I know is that if you decide to whatever reason take a photo during your flight it WILL kick you out. I don’t know about calls and text messages as I have a laptop to do it.

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Infinite Flight should be kept running and not be exited. Exit the app quickly for a phone call might be fine, but it will most likely cause to be permanently disconnected from the server. You would then need to restart your flight.


I see. Good to know. I appreciate it.

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