Multitasking Feature from IOS makes Infinite Flight App Crash Twice


Yep. It happened again. 2 times though. I cleared my RAM. And it should’ve worked. But, anyway is there like another way to fix this issue at all? It’s been lately doing this for a few times and it’s getting annoying. I have an IPad 9.7 (part of the IPad Pro series)

Have you cleared scenery cashe?

Jokes aside, try deleting and re-installing your app. If its only IF that crashes, there could be an issue that the deletion would solve.

If not that, it may be an Infinite Flight software issue that needs to be addressed by the devs.

Right but. When I got Infinite Flight. I just used sing in as a guest and I’m afraid if I delete Infinite Flight. I’ll loose my account

The only thing that gets lost when I reinstalled the app was my replays, I just logged back into my account.

As I stated in another topic of yours, the device you have sports the A9X chipset and 2GB of RAM. This is most likely your issue.

If clearing your RAM and constant device restarts don’t appear to dilute the issue, considering lowering your graphics and aircraft count (via Infinite Flight settings). This will help free up RAM, which could be used towards the multitasking window(s).


No i have this problem as well, so I delete IF
and dw you wont lose ur account

It’s also worth pointing out that Infinite Flight is a resource heavy application… It’s not designed to run in the background, nor is it designed to run in multitasking.

If the app is crashing during multitasking… Don’t multitask? Sorry if that seems unhelpful, but you’ve solved the issue in your own question. It’s not an issue with the app, it’s down to your device. I don’t think it’s something the developers are able to fix. 2GB of ram on your device is not a lot, and IF uses a lot of that ram during a flight. Limiting the amount of available ram can cause crashes. It’s the same on android, it’s the same on a desktop PC.


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