Multitasking Bug

This has happened many times at the end of my flight when I want to scroll through the web or ANY other app while in flight, this could be a software issue with apple or poor optimisation by infinite flight, the side window in either safari, apple music etc. will cause the simulator to crash if open for more than 5 minutes or so, the simulator and side window will freeze before closing itself and losing flight progress, I am nearly 100% sure this is a global issue and not just something wrong with my hardware.

iPad Pro 11” 2020:
iOS 15:

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Sounds like a RAM issue honestly, though I have the same device and can’t say I’ve ever experienced that.

Perhaps avoid multitasking for now? It’s not really recommended during flights anyway


I’d only keep my device on IF and use other devices for whatever I want while the flight is on

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yeah that makes sense, the ram thing does sound like the problem though because id imagine the scenery and everything would take up a lot of memory (especially considering it’s only a 6gb device)

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What happens here is that an app that is put in the background is considered “inactive” by iOS.
And if it needs to claim additional system resources that you’re using in the foreground, it will kill the ones using the most system resources that are in the background.

Infinite Flight is usually quite high on that list and will therefore be killed first.


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