Multiple USB Flight Control Support

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The Issue

I have started using a joystick (Logitech extreme 3D pro) with Infinite Flight Via LiveFlight connect on my PC. I really love being able to use a joystick as it makes the experience much better, it is small enough that I can fit it on my lap in the car, or in the economy seat of a plane (Using mobile controls on a moving car/plane is hard). The problem with this system is it requires Wifi, and a PC/Mac. Many things malfunction and it takes a long time to set up. You first need to connect your PC and Phone to the same network, launch Infinite flight and Live Flight Connect (which is a limited and intuitive software), turn on Infinite Flight’s API system and hope Live Flight Connect will recognize your device. You then need to plug in your joystick and calibrate every part. It makes no sense flying IF on a small screen using a much larger screen. I don’t use Xplane or any PC sim because my computer can’t run them, and I like the layout and mobility of IF (Infinite Flight). I believe Live Flight Connect can only use one item at a time, meaning you can’t plug in a separate throttle quadrant.

A screenshot of Live Flight Connect, which crashes and lags very often, even with the best wifi and device

My proposal/wish

I believe that IF could greatly attract more customers, and improve their app by building in joystick support into IF, without having to use Live Flight Connect. The system should include support for multiple devices, be able to operate without internet and be reliable. With IFs reworks and moving gauges, this upgrade would fit in very well. Of course, there are many tings to work around as you can’t plug in a USB device into a mobile phone etc. Here are some ideas I have, let me know in the comments which seems the most possible and appealing:

1. IF develops a Bluetooth-USB system for joysticks (likely not going to happen)

It would look like a USB hub, and be able to have 1-3 ports for USB devices. The data will be sent using Bluetooth to your iPhone where it can be paired with IF.

This is what a USB hub looks like

2. Support for Lightning/USB-C to USB adapters

Apple has Lightning to USB adapters, that could potentially be used to connect USB yokes/joysticks. This would work well and prevent any lag/connectivity problems Bluetooth might have however it can only support one device at a time. For Android users that have USB-C phones/tablets, there are cheaper and more compact options available, some of which can support multiple devices.

Apple’s USB to Lightning cable


3. Temporary, IF improves LiveFlight Connect

I really want to push for in-app joystick support, but this would be better than nothing. Make the software more reliable and support Bluetooth.

Thanks for reading this and please comment!

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Thanks so much, will do.

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Yes, LiveFlight is indeed for connecting IF with the joystick, however it requires a PC/Mac. That is why I proposed a new compact system to connect the USB device and IF via Bluetooth. Thank you very much for this articles, I will go over them :).

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IF already supports usb devices connected to (at least android) devices via USB-OTG. I’ve plugged my joystick into my phone and its worked fine via a USB-OTG adapter, and I’ve done a tweak with an android emulator on linux (I’ve tried without success to have it work on any windows android emulator) to make it support usb devices and passed a usb throttle and joystick at the same time to infinite flight.

Basically what I’m saying is its already there in Infinite flight, you just need to get your usb devices talking to your tablet/phone.


Thanks for the insight. This isn’t yet available to Apple users which is what I would like. I didn’t know android users could use a joystick with IF so easily!

Hello there,

I’d suggest to have a good look at this:

Not entirely what you are looking for but this could easily be the future!

I’ve asked Laura at Cosford today and through this option with the rPi and using the new API, developers (like @epaga) could even make Saitek flight controllers/instruments work (almost out of the box) with IF, without any lag whatsoever!

Make sure you follow his above mentioned topic!

This is truly amazing. Just what I was thinking of. Thank you for sharing this with me and my idea with Laura. I hope you are enjoying Flight Sim 2019 at Cosford.

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Wow. That’s devotion to the sim