Multiple updates on Android.

After the major update on August 03 PST, there were two little updates on 04 August as well. Does someone know what they were for? ( Just out of curiosity)

I think that was some hot fixes, if you read the description on the update it should probably say.


There nothing written there except for the major update changes.

I think it was to fix bugs in the 787

They got some reports of some issues with the 787 so they fixed them quick and re-sent the app out. :)

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It is a big update (with a lot of things under the hood that you don’t really see) so it is bound to have issues; unlike pokemons, we can’t catch them all :)

We are doing our very best to fix things as they are being reported.


Good analogy. And unlike Pokemons, IF servers are always up.


Bug fixes only

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