Multiple problems

Hello IFC,
Today I did a short flight from KLAX-KSFO.
When at cruising altitude The scenery changed from what it usually is to a very blurry mess. The aircraft stayed the same.
When descending into KSFO (still with blurry scenery) the camera began to glitch, moving up and down very fast time to time.
At 2,500ft the GPWS(not sure if this the right name of the height fallout) spoke out 400. Then at 800 feet it spoke out 40
And lastly I could not see ksfo airport at all. Only one airplane the was at the gate. All this happens from about and hour ago to 20ish minutes ago.
I was unable to show any pictures 1because I forgot to take them mid flight and 2my replay would not load.
If anyone could help me with the issue that would be great

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Hi there! I don’t know to cause of all the issues, but I have a couple ideas how to fix them. For the random callouts, most likely this was because you were low to the ground because of the mountains. For only one plane, that could be because you have low plane count in settings, or that was the only person. For scenery, try Scenery Cache Reset. It should help. For the camera, would you mind telling us what view you were in? Also what device are you using?

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I was close to the water. I will try Scenery Cache. The ones that I was using which had a problem where hud, cockpit, and normal. I was using an IPad Air.

Mhm. The Cockpit camera could be the new camera shake feature, but I’m not sure for the other 2. Do all of these problems still happen in new flights?

I tried the Scenery Cache thing and every thing is working fine
I thought the shaky camera was only when landing and take off.
Thank you for helping @Key

No problem. Always happy to help!