Multiple Notes On VNAV Altitude Selection

Hello IFC! I am not sure if the title makes sense but hear me out. Currently, you can only add in altitudes in the VNAV section of the FPL. Now, VNAV is great now and all but there are some aircraft that don’t have a QRG. Like the B737 family, A320 family, etc. If you want to have a certain way point to be at a certain speed at, it can be hard especially if there are multiple fixes (same goes for flap settings too). If there is an option to add in extra stuff like speed and flap settings, that would make life easier. Before people start saying, “just use a chart” not all airports have a speed limit for the approach/departure. If this doesn’t make sense, feel free to PM me or just ask below. (I’m starting to sound like a youtuber. No offence to my fellow yters on the IFC.)


Are you talking about something like this?

What is a QRG? Might help us understand the request a little more. I tried Googling but all it said what quick reference guide which I presume isn’t what you’re referring to.

This is in fact correct! It’s a quick summary of what an aircrafts procedures are! Check out this topic by the great Deercrusher! On the bottom of the page, you’ll find one of these quick reference guides, or QRG’s!

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