Multiple Live Subscriptions

I just purchased Live (4.99) but now I want to purchase Live + will I get the year plus what I have left on my regular live?


It will add on to your month. So you’ll get 13months
Just like I’ve brought 3 one month subscriptions they add on.


Okay great thanks

No worries buddy. Enjoy :)

Okay I just did it and it didint work I have receipts for both

Happened to me when i did that back in april.

put this in the support category :p

Did you press restore purchases? Which one did you buy first?

Bought live first then about 6 hours later bought Live +

So it will say it expires in one month, and then after one month it will say it expires in a year. You will have to wait a month before you can use Live+ basically.

I’m already using live + though.

That’s not really how it works. I bought live and then about a week later I bought live+.
Sadly the live+ replaces whatever amount of live you have left, so you would only be left with a years subscription.

Can a Dev or a moderator confirm this please

Should I tag one?

No need to tag one, they would’ve already seen this Topic. @ChiefPilotLachy’s post is correct by the way.

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But that is not what happened so somebody needs to look into it

Hmm, can you please provide a screenshot of your active subscriptions.


Cause I’m going to need a refund @Swang007

I don’t do subscriptions, ask @david

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