Multiple Issues with Systems Status

I’m currently enroute to KMSP and there’s a few things wrong:

Weather and Global Server both have red marks under systems status and User Account has a yellow mark. This has been like this since I left KDTW, about an hour ago. I have a secure internet connection but don’t know what to do. Any help?

Additionally, is anyone else experiencing this?

The API service (the yellow one) doesn’t affect anything really. The weather (red one) will go away once the weather has been updated but they dont affect flying at all.

Edit: Sorry didnt see the global server one. That is an issue but if you check your internet connection or end the flight, then it should resolve itself

API has a green mark, and I understand that weather won’t have a huge impact but Global is still red.

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Additionally, scenery isn’t loading in properly, I can’t see any runways at airports I’m passing over.

A red Global server and the scenery not loading could mean your device doesn’t have the storage for it. How much free storage does your device have?

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64GB, 20GB free. I’ve never had this issue before, and I haven’t downloaded any large apps recently.

Can you tap on the icon in the corner and then tap on the global icon. Sometimes there is a delay with the icon refreshing for whatever reason.

Are you experiencing other issues such as no scenery, no planes, no atc, etc?

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That does sound like an internet problem even though you said you had a good connection.

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I tapped on the icon, says no additional information and is still red. Scenery is quite blurry compared to normal and airports won’t load. Landed at MSP with APPR and despawned. Planes disappear often, and I’m not sure if MSP approach was open but tower, ATIS, and ground were fine.

I would try toggling Airplane mode for a few seconds and then re-enable it. Are you on WIFI or Cellular?

This network is perfectly fine, I’ve been running multiple programs that require internet on my laptop without issue.

I’m on WiFi right now. Lemme try that real quick.

IF won’t open now. Connection issue message when I try to open the app. I’ll keep trying, it could be my internet.

EDIT: It loads now, I’ll spawn on a ramp and see if everything’s working.

Everything under Systems Status is green now, seems to be an internet issue, thanks for the help! This can be closed now.

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Glad everything is working now! Let us know if you need anything.