Multiple Game Crash

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I am having some issues about game like 3-4 weeks and it’s currently happening. I don’t think it’s about my phone because I just get it like max 2 months ago. Also I wasn’t had any game crash issue my old phone which it was older than my phone and I play IF more than this phone.

When Game Crashes happening:

Trying to open game

When I am trying to open İnfinite Flight it’s crashing and I am receiving İnfinite Flight can’t response from phone system. When I am trying again after crash it’s continue again sometimes. Sometimes I can open game after 3th or 4th crash

Trying to change Server

When I am trying to change Server (Especially choosing Expert Server or Changing Expert server to another server) I am receiving İnfinite Flight can’t response from phone system. Sometimes it can happen to me Multiple times.

Importing SAS imagery while editing.

When I am trying to Import my imagery it’s crashing again and again and I am receiving same thing from phone system.

Entering Flight-ATC session-Editing Session

When I am trying make flight, controlling somewhere or Editing my airport it’s crashing Multiple times and receiving same warning from system.

Note: I am having these issues Multiple times for single time.

Thanks everyone and have a good day!

Device: Poco X4 Pro 5G 256/8 GB
Operating system: MIUI Global 13.0.5 - Android 12

Have you tried clearing the scenery cache?

Yes doesn’t work

What about turning down the quality?

I tried it also. It’s just changing my Fps

I feel like older phones handle IF better. I used to have an iphone 10 and it crashed all the time. I switched to an SE about 10 months ago and I think I’ve only had 2-3 crashes. I’ve never had a crash mid flight since then

My phone didn’t crash in mid flight also sometimes it’s crashing while controlling but it’s known issue that’s why I didn’t write it.

I’m not the greatest tech guy tbh. I’m sorry for not being able to help lol

Not a problem Have a Great Day!

Take it easy man!

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I have the sames issues, I think now its not depending of device, its the sim. a thing that im impressed controlling ground on world tour leg 42 that I had all graphics on high and didnt had app crash haha, but yea, anyway experiencing this so many times

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I am agree with you! I don’t think it’s about phone it’s about IF system I think.

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Adding to this one’s

Game Crashes while choosing Aircraft

Game Crashes while choosing airport from map

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