multiple frequencies

Just interested, how many frequencies can you actually have at an airport? There were 7 at KLAX yesterday.

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Max should be 4. Tower, Ground, Dep & App.

Keep in mind that App&Dep around KLAX will be visible on multiple airports.

That isn’t correct. At very busy times, multiple controllers might be sharing the load, such as splitting Tower between the north and south sides of the field, and initial and final approach handled separately.


Sometimes you get multiple approach frequencies based on which direction you’re approaching from. Can’t comment on other frequencies

It varies from airport to airport. The largest and busiest tend to have multiples available for each to allow for the burden to be shared, smaller airports may just have one available for each.

In Infinite Flight?

Yup, in infinite flight

Yep but only for expert server

Alright, make sense right now. Thanks. didn’t experience it yet

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I flew over heathrow this morning and there were 8 active frequencies probably the most ive seen but there is more maybe 10, 11 frequencies? But i didnt really see the point in having a lot of frequencies at that time of the morning maybe it was busy?

Most likely it was busy. As mentioned by @jghastings above, IFATC controllers will split the work load between multiple controllers, so we can continue to provide quality service to pilots just like yourself.

During busy times, you may multiple approach frequencies open, usually north and south, or initial and final. You can also see this with Tower and Ground frequencies being split up between controllers as well to ensure that we maintain top quality, and efficient service.


Hey, i’m just sneaking in to ask a question. How de we, pilots, can be sure which frequency to choose ? Is there a indication ? Because I never saw multiple frequencies yet

Usually it will be stated in the ATIS, which frequency to contact first


Hmm ok, thanks !

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Okay thanks

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