Multiple Frequencies for Airports

So for the past few days, people are snatching two frequencies which are WSSS GND and TWR so I wondered… Instead of competing, why not multiple frequencies as per real life? Details as follows:

  • WSSS GND (T1): 121.85
  • WSSS GND (T2): 121.725
  • WSSS GND (T3): 124.3 (default Ground frequency)
  • WSSS TWR (02L/20R): 118.6 (default Tower frequency)
  • WSSS TWR (02C/20C): 118.25
  • WSSS APP: Not stated due to low demand
  • WSJC CTR: Not stated due to low demand

Note: The purpose of default frequencies are in case that there are very few controllers online or maybe even that there’s one only…

I hope you guys will take my suggestion into consideration and yes, as the title states, this can be applied to other airports.

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There’s originally multiple, but it got too confusing of pilots not knowing which is which and ATC spamming on guards on the PG. The devs removed it

Thanks for the enlightenment… I guess controllers just have to use their brains more…