Multiple flights

Hey, I was just wondering what you would do in the case of callsigns during day for example: a flight of 2. The tutorial doesn’t really explain what the pilots that are not lead’s callsigns could be. Could you link me with a topic that could help or just reply?

Flight of 2 means formation… I.E. fighters.

Or if you’re being escorted. The flight of ___ callsign isn’t for how many flights you have taken that day.

I know that. I just want to know what the second/pilots in formations callsigns would be, would they be the same as the pilot but without the flight of 2? I know they don’t use ATC.

Okay but does only the lead aircraft have the “flight of ___” callsign?

So if one aircraft is being escorted by two others, they all should have the “flight of 3” suffix.

All pilots in the formation must have the flight of 2/3/4/etc in there callsign. They don’t all have to have the same callsign, in fact that can make it harder for ATC to know which is the lead aircraft.

Okay. Thanks for the help!

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