Multiple failed payments, but money still taken out of my bank

Device: Huawei media pad t5
Operating system: Android

Hi, kinda urgent, I clicked the button to buy a subscription, but it said payment declined, I did this 2 more times and it still said declined, I then checked my bank to make sure all was OK, and I have been charged for 3 subscriptions but no subscription in either Google play or if???

There’s a solution from google, follow this instruction and tell me if this works.

Fix payment issues, such as declined or incomplete transactions - Google payments center help.

Quite strange, I’d suggesting reaching out to Google Play customer support.

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Despite the fact that you are purchasing an Infinite Flight subscription, all payments are done via either the App store or Google Play. Might be worth PM-ing a member of staff to see if they have a record of your purchase in which case they may be able to initiate a refund. If not you’d be best to contact the Google Play.

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