Multiple Devices

Can I play infinite flight on more than one device? I have paid for and use pro on my iPad, but somtimes I would like to play on my phone. But can use pro.


Yes. You can log into your IFC account on different devices, but you cannot use both at once on an online server.

Yes you can - as long as it is different servers.

Example - you could fly on Expert on a phone, and on Training on a tablet on the same account.

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If you have more than one device you are able to use more than one live server, but they must be different such as casual and training. Your logbook may not cross reference though. Now flight resume is completely different. If you start a flight on one device that can not be resumed on a different device.

I can’t seem to do that. When I click on account, it just says I’m not subscribed to flight pro and the account section is greyed out.

Press “get pro” then press a button which I think says “already a member.” You can log in from there.

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, still no luck. I’m just going round in circles.