Multiple days of Spotting @ KLAX

Hello Infinite Flight Community! This is my first spotting post, so forgive me if the pictures/videos are not top quality.

So here are some pictures I took at Los Angeles International Airport:

An American Boeing 777-200ER

Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

El Al Boeing 777-200ER

Delta Airlines Boeing 757-300

Korean Air Airbus A380-800

Delta Airlines Boeing 737-800

WestJet Boeing 737-800

Some of the next pictures will be a little hazy

Delta Boeing 767-300ER

Interjet Airbus A320

Frontier Airbus A320

Delta Boeing 737-900

Now, time to move onto pictures on a sunny day, plus a video of many aircraft landing runway 24R!

A flying banana emerges as an Airbus A320 (Spirit Airlines)

How about a United CRJ-200?

Here’s a good old Southwest plane, on a routine flight (Boeing 737-700)

Here’s a video of aircraft landing in Los Angeles:

Thank you for looking through these pictures! I very much so appreciate constructive criticism, or any comments.

I hope you enjoyed the post, and I hope to be posting in the near future!


Great spotting photos.

Wow, nice catch! The -300 is pretty rare in their 757 fleet (the majority being -200s).


I always feel jealous when people do multiple days of spotting at a major airport, while I’m stuck with a municipal airport 😡(that’s pretty sick)


I’m lucky to live nearby KLAX…

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Nice photos. I love plane spotting at KLAX.


Wow, that is such a wonderful airport to spot at!


Looks like you spotted at In N Out and Imperial Hill! :)

That is correct! I love those two spots!

Yeah! Perfect spot for Iphone spotters!

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Some people love GA spots. Not everything has to be commercial

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Don’t they operate the A340-300 on that routes (Manila-LAX)?

They retired the a340.

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No they didn’t… This plane has been flying a lot in the last week too Nagoya, Sydney and now London according to FR24.


Well, I’m saying that my airport isn’t that busy (not enough to have even a tower) and I can rarely spot something good coming in like a Citation or a BAe 146 (which is stationed and won’t fly for a while)

You got an awesome view of those Korean Air A380s!! Good photography pics.

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Nice pics, i like it that you had correct timing for photo’s

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Then they probably switched to a Boeing 777-300ER.

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