Multiple connection issues while controlling

For the last few weeks, when controlling in expert server, I get virtually disconnected from the server after a while. I stop getting readbacks of aircrafts and cannot see when aircrafts are handed off to me or from me to the next controller. This usually happens roughly 10-15 minutes after controlling. So I have to keep rejoining.

As a result, controlling becomes extremely inconvenient. Has anyone experienced this?

Sometimes I’ll get issues where everyone just disappears for a minute or so but I think mine is more of a connection issue than game issue

What device are you using?

If it’s Apple with IOS 17 then that’s the issue…
Since I switched from the Iphone 13 pro max to the 15 pro max, I have API and connectivity issues using wifi with the same exact issues like you. Can’t hear ATC, other player names turn orange then disappear or change to GA icons, no flight plans visible… just nothing… And it’s not only IF.

It’s a known issue but Apple doesn’t seem to care at all as it’s known since last year September and yet no action has been taken. Check the Apple community, there are tons of people complaining about the same issue.

Yep I use the iPhone 13 on iOS 17…Didn’t realise it was an OS issue.

And yeah everything you just said has been happening lately, I was confused but didn’t think much of it until the ATC thing. What is the root cause of the issue?

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