Multiple Centers check in

When the communication box displays multiple Centers, how do you choose which one to check in with?

You can pick the correct Center by tapping on the Map then tuning in from the FIR’s information page.


You check in with the active airspace your in.

If you are flying in xyz airspace, if it’s active, you contact xyz center

Hi Trio. I see four Centers on the communication box. When I go to the map, I see four white-bordered areas which must be the four Centers, but none are labeled with any name or other ID. When I tap on any of the four areas, I don’t see any FIR information page to tune in from.

Hey, can you go to the settings on the map and select “Show airspaces”?

Hi Pingu. Many thanks. That was my problem. I didn’t have that checked. All ok now.


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