Multiple Bugs in New Update

Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone has these problems I am having. First of all I am still having planes spawn ontop of me as shown in the first picture. Secondly, not all the aircraft are loading on live even when there is not a lot of planes on the ramp (as shown in picture 2). My last report is the game seems very glitchy now. I have a very powerful phone so it should have no problem running the sim at all. I had all the graphics set to max before this update. Let me know if you are having these problems too!

Hi Seth,

Regarding people spawning on each other, Laura responded here about this issue:

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we have seen all of these they’re working on it! they have to sleep aswell so the hot fix probably won’t be out for another 9ish hours

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Very true! I was just worried I was the only one with these problems 😉

Not everyone is on 19.1 yet, so while you may be, they may not, hence they’d have no such restriction.