Multiple ATC Frequency Bug?

Is this ok? What to select please?


Happened to me yesterday at JFK ;-)

Can’t say if it’s a bug or not…

However I tried to select all of them and it was the same controller for all of them. (Thankfully)

This may be because the Airport Editors have given it multiple frequencies. I’ll check it out.

Well as long as one of them works then it’s okay :) If not, refresh the app.

Well, I just checked both KSFO and KJFK, and it isn’t an issue on the airport editing side - all these frequencies have different frequencies (if that makes sense).

Your best bet is just restart the app (obviously not whilst on approach) and hopefully It should be fixed.

Also happened to me several times. Maybe because the approach controls multiple airports, so a frequency is opened for each airports? Just taking a wild guess.


This is a known issue. For the time being, any of those options should work.

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When my ATC crashes, I restart the app and go back to the same airport frequency. But, when I go to select a it, the app says that I am still on the frequency and it won’t allow me to take the position. I restart the app again and I then everything finally clears up. 🙃

Do you think this has anything to do with it?

No. That is not an issue. It happens if you disconnect unexpectedly. Always been like that.

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Oh ok… I’m sorry, I had no idea.