Multiple ATC Frequencies

As you may know in IF we have one ground and tower frequency for each airport. My suggestion would create multiple frequencies for certain airports. For example, KLAX has two ground and tower frequencies. One for the south complex and one for the north. This would be extremely helpful to controllers as managing 4 runways is not easy at all. This would also add a sense of realism to the game. This could be implemented by letting the airport editing team specify which airports have what frequencies and also what areas these frequencies control. Thank you! I hope to see your vote.

Why not…


We already have this feature on the expert server, it is not available on the training server. It’s important that controllers have a line of communication in order to properly operate multiple frequencies.


I believe airport editors can implement multiple ground and tower frequencies, just as multiple approach and departure frequencies can be added.

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I w’d like to see that but the problem is, it would reduce the number of controlled Airports in the game.

Also just a few airports will need it.

I did not know that, thank you for telling me.
However the communication issue can easily be solved. Only allow controllers for say runway 24R and 24L assign takeoffs or landings for that runway. Set a border so when someone crosses over they automatically switch to the other tower/ground frequency.

You need communication in order to time takeoffs, crossing, on guarding, ect. wouldn’t matter if the runways were assigned to a specific frequency. For controllers in training it would make an already new and complex system even more complex and confusing IMO. Best way to get the feature is to pass your IFATC tests, join the effort here: