Multiple ATC errors and ATC abusing the "report" statement

So for the past few days, I have been flying in and out of busy airports and I have an uncle who has been working as an ATC for 23 years. He has been listening to the ATC every time and sometimes he even watches my ipad screen as I taxi and stuff. Today at Honolulu he told me that some of the ATC shouldn’t be on the expert server because some instructions don’t make any sense.

this is not an error but why do some atc think just cuz they are atc means they can just be reporting people for not expediting an instruction?. Some atcs think just cuz the report button is there they dont have to be patient with the pilots

Errors example

  1. ATC giving clearance to line up on a RW when there is traffic (aircraft on final) and another aircraft has landed and is still on the rw
  2. Clearance to line up on a rw when an aircraft is like 0.7 nm away from touch down
  3. An aircraft is pushing back and atc tells them to stop but after stopping atc doesnt tell them to continue
  4. Telling pilot to expedite crossing runways when an aircraft is about to touch down
  5. Not being patient with pilots (not really an error but pilots try their best to follow instructions)

If you guys agree with my uncle please let me know in the comments


yes thanks

This is actually fine. DCA does it all the time; a plane would land, and the one holding short would be told to “Line up and wait, prepare for an immediate” while traffic is 2-3nm out.

This is a bit risky, so, it more or less could be a misjudgement of distance from either the controller or whoever is observing.

This is a bit of a situational thing. If the plane can’t push back anymore, then they wouldn’t be told to continue. However, if the conflict is clear and the plane clearly needs to/should be pushing back more, then ATC can and should tell the plane to continue pushing.

This is fine as well. If you can get a plane across, get it across. No reason to delay things unnecessarily.

This all depends on the controller.

Don’t forget that what ATC here does loosely bases itself off of FAA things to my understanding, so a lot of procedural things we use aren’t conforming to what happens in real life, so, naturally, you’ll see these differences!


This seems pretty reasonable for an expedite


I was just the controller at PHNL. Feel free to PM me, I’ll be happy to answer your questions 🙂

Actual control and IFATC may differ slightly. IFATC controllers control the airport based on the ATC manual.


As for this, I personally give every pilot at least 2 warnings before a report, to give them a chance to correct their error

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Okay that makes a lot of sense then because my uncle thinks since its a flight simulator, you are trying to mimic real life situations. Thanks for clarifying things up

No worries, the IFATC Supervisor clarified things up, thanks though

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Another point I would like to make. IF hubs tend to get a lot more traffic than irl, so we as IFATC have to operate differently than the real world. We try to be as realistic as possible, but it reaches a point where we have to prioritize efficiency over realism.


Saying that some ATCs shouldn’t be on expert servers can be upsetting to ATC at the time. Be aware that all IFATCs do their best :)

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Yesss very true but not my words, im explaining everything to my uncle


That’s right. With an event like FNF, airport traffic is much more than reality.

Some of the issues you mentioned are unrealistic and come down to controller error. However, it’s important to remember that we control with unrealistic traffic levels. This means it is sometimes necessary to use unprecedented methods while controlling. These may seem unrealistic but are needed in order to provide efficient service.


Very true, but my uncle thought u are using real life situations since its a simulator

We try but as traffic loads increase, we rely more on efficiency than realism.

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thanks so much for the feedback :)

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I’m going to be honest. This never happened. I saw you pushback into another aircraft after you were told to hold position. I’m not trying to call you out and make fun of you. I’m just trying to help you out

You then proceed to pushback when another plane is taxing from behind even though you were told to hold position.

Then, ATC gives you a PFI command but you stopped before the aircraft was taxiing behind. So, then you should’ve told ATC, “ready for pushback.”

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oh yesss thank you very much. this was my mistake tbh. I was having a conversation with my uncle so i didnt hear the instruction. U could have warned me again lol

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Also i didnt want to spam thats why

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