Multiple ATC Commands in Sequence


Would be awesome to be able to tell someone to (for example), “Cross runway 05, taxi to runway 02 and hold short”. I think I heard someone issue me something like this so I’m thinking it must be in beta.

It would also be awesome if we could do something like, “Back taxi runway 27, exit runway and hold short” (Instead of just line up and way after the back taxi). Exit runway is available but it also asks the pilot to contact ground, so that’s for after landing. A great example of where this would come in handy is when you only want someone to back taxi and hold short before your traffic on final is close enough, like at London City.


(@jasonrosewell). What your describing Jason is tagged “Progressive Taxi” in the Controllers Bible. Very helpful in navigating a transient from parking to an active on an unmarked airdrome like IF’s. Regards,


Definitely, one of the advantages of hello, saying commands have a large amount of flexibility with commands, and you can easily explain your commands when a pilot says unable.