Multiple Apple IDs

so i bought infinite flight in 2012 using my father’s apple id and now i have my own apple id which i would like to use in order to buy a pro subscription. so my father logged onto his apple id so i could download the game for free since we already owned it and i logged out and logged back into my apple id so it doesnt let me buy the pro subscription and tells me that i have to buy infinite flight again and i feel that is unfair since i already bought infinite flight and i feel like im being cheated and milked for money please explain.


As you purchased Infinite Flight on a seperate Apple ID, it will not allow you to buy any in-app purchases. Your only option to reuse your purchased app would be to set up Family Sharing with your father. See more here:

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From what I understand you need to make it so your fathers Apple ID is set for your iTunes, and yours then would be set for your iCloud. The only downside though is that you would have to use your dads password to get apps, music, etc.

lol same thing but I think yours explains better

As you know from family sharing, I’d like to give you solutions:

Buy the Pro subscription with your fathers ID and give him the money.

Buy Infinite Flight again with your device and then buy the PRO subscription