Multiple App Crashes

Hello! I was flying from NZWN - NZQN earlier and I was on final, and suddenly my app crashed. This rarely happens to me. There were barely any planes there. I also tried to spawn back in and 10 seconds after I spawned in, the app crashed again. This same spawning crash happened 2 times after the first time.

iPad Air 4
iOS 15.4
Full Bars, Fast WiFi

Also clearing the scenery cache I don’t think will help.


Are you having this issue at any other airports?

I mean, it mainly happens around that area all the time. Only crashes around Australia and New Zealand.

What graphics settings are you using?

All are on high, anti-aliasing is off, fps is 30.

Graphic settings have been like that from early 2021.

Have you tried clearing the cache and restarting the app? If that doesn’t fix the issue you could try redownloading IF, however you will lose replay files.

Nah I’m not gonna re-download the app lol.

I’ll restart the app though.

I don’t really think clearing the cache will help.

If you’re having an issue when flying in a certain area it could be due to a corrupted scenery issue. Clearing the cache could resolve this. I was having an issue when flying into London Gatwick but after clearing the cache the problem was solved.

Okay I tried clearing the Cache.

Spawned at PHNL. No issues. Let me try the crashing region.

Ok, let me know what happens

Working, thanks Elliot!

No problem, have a nice flight!

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