Multiple aircraft waiting to enter runway. Who has the "right of way?"

I was recently reported by three users on the expert server in the London region. Multiple planes were waiting to take-off at EGBB. I arrived at runway 15 in a BA 747-400 using callsign Speedbird 88 Heavy and took the wide path. The plane behind me pulled into the inside lane. After the two planes ahead of us took off I went to pull up to the hold short line. The plane that had arrived after me but was in the inside lane also pulled up and we stacked on top of each other for a moment. I subsequently received a message that I had been reported by several users and would be invisible for 60 minutes.

Was I in the wrong? I thought I had the right of way since I initially arrived first. If that’s not the case then I apologize sincerely. It was not my intention to be rude. I’m not a trained pilot in real world, just an enthusiast. I do make the best effort to take IF seriously, continuously watch training videos, read forum tutorials on procedures, etc. I have never encountered this particular situation and would appreciate the insight so this doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for your time.


Did the airport have active ATC at the time of the incident?

Yes it did. I don’t recall the name of the controller though. It was approximately 20 minutes ago.

Hi. I believe I was the plane behind you. And, yes, I was one of the 3 people who reported you.
The reason I did report you, was that I started moving before you, I moved for a good 5 seconds, slowly, to make sure you didn´t pull out, and then kept moving a little faster towards the Hold Short line. Then you start moving, and went through me, I reported you because of that fact, that you pulled out while I was in front of you. So yeah, basically I reported you because you went through me.
Remember, you have received 2 reports as well, and I, as a normal user can´t ghost you, without 2 other pilots reporting you. :) But yeah, I moved towards the Hold Short line, and then you started going towards and through me. Hope that was explanation enough, don´t hesitate to contact me with further questions.


I think controller at the time was @anon66442947. Maybe he can give a say on whether he saw the stacking incident occur.

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I did not report/ ghost you.


Emil thanks for the explanation. From my POV I thought we were moving at the same time. But then again I was using my phone (which seems to lag more) vs iPad this time, so you may be right.

Assuming neither of us had started rolling, who should of had the right of way? Is there an order? I ask because I want to know what the procedure is, especially in the case of runways that have split taxiways for entries as does 15.

There’s no specific procedure, it’s simply “first come, first serve.”

Edit: In some circumstances, it’s like that. In others, it depends on the navigation lights on an aircraft.

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Interesting. Would you mind elaborating on the navigation lights when you have time? Just out of curiosity.

Navigation lights = ready to depart. Our planes IRL, do not turn them on until just before they call ready to depart.

Then once they enter the runway environment, the landing lights come on.

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MaxSez: You been here since July @ODW by now you should know the rules.
Your Ghost Story is an interesting but repeat everyday gripe. Months ago a Ghost Challenge procedure via PM was established. Fundamentally you deal direct with a Ghost via PM between you and the Controller, unresolved you push it to @Joe. This procedure precludes the clutter and BS sprewed by the duty experts who chime in! From your Ghost narrative you obviously did’t pay attention to the rules in this case either!


There was a tutorial about on the forums but I can’t seem to find it after searching for a long time.

All I know is aircraft to the right of you always has the right of way, while aircraft to the left of you don’t unless ground control says otherwise. (@THE-OP, or other real world pilots, can you confirm?)



@CptNathanHope thank you for your reply and for taking the time to look for this information. It’s been super helpful. Based on what you’ve shared, I think its safe to say I had the right of way in this particular situation. Hopefully this information is of value to others who are unsure what to do in this situation.


Just because you have been here since July does not mean he has been looking at the same stuff a veteran like us would 😂. He could have just looked at FNF or other things, who knows. I wasn’t really active in this forum until this year


Is this it @CptNathanHope ?

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@Maxmustang thanks for your reply and for clarifying procedure for ghost challenges. My slip reflects the sometimes difficult nature of finding information on certain topics in this forum Vs. a lack of desire to follow instructions. Don’t get me wrong, I think the forum is great and has loads of amazing information. Just not always easy to find things as a user, IMO.

However, I respect your POV. I changed the topic of my post focus on the question of right of way. Hopefully the discussion and information shared is of value to others. For me personally it was. Based on the information provided by fellow users it appears I was not the one who “did not follow the rules” in the game either, with all due respect.

Happy flying everyone!

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No, it was a really old topic. Forum veterans might know.

The answer is obvious.

ZBelle’s aircraft always has right of way.


That I do not know. We give give way advisories and so on.


@Maxmustang @ODW

A controller didn’t ghost him, he was reported by users, just so happened one of those users was a controller