Multiple aircraft on runways


I have noticed on the expert server that ATC allows multiple aircraft on the runway at one time (runway includes everything past the hold short line). I’m a student pilot so I know this would be a runway infringement in real life, but is it supposed to be in IF?



Well if the airspace is busy, then yes. ATC try to get traffic flowing through as fast as possible to maintain efficiency.

If that’s the case, the spacing gets a bit tighter.


From what I know, it’s allowed in real life as long as they’re not rolling at the same time.

Also, somewhere in the IFATC manual, it does allow for us to line up multiple planes at a time.


In the US at least I’ve learned that lineup and wait is only used for if you’re on a runway and an aircraft is taking off from an intersecting runway. Thanks for the answer, though. It makes sense considering how ATC comms are a bit slower and less complicated than in real life.

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About planes past the hold short line, not everyone knows how to properly hold short, actually a lot of people don’t know how to do it properly, so this means if ATC gave a go around for every bad hold short it would result in way too many go arounds, and it’s not really fair to ghost people for having 1 inch of their nose on top of the HS line, so we have to deal with that.


Ah, makes sense. I suppose it’s a limitation of a lot of beginners playing IF.
I wonder if a grade 4 only server with voice comms would be a good idea… Probably lack of players would make it not possible but idk 🤷‍♂️

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I think the reason why there are no voice communications is because of IF’s diversity, and the potential for abuse. There are many people around the world who play IF, and not all of them speak English well enough to fluently converse with ATC.

This would also be abused, since there’s no way to moderate what people say, so anything (including swearing) could be heard on the voice comm.


As lovely as that sounds, I doubt it would help much at all.

Think about this, reaching Grade 4 isn’t all that difficult, and Grade doesn’t represent how good of a pilot you are but rather how much time you have dedicated to the simulator, which in turn should show that you have become more experienced over time, but that’s not really the case as we see with many pilots in Infinite Flight. And having voice comms, would make it any better as anyone could freely ignore communicating and ruin the real life type of experience the others are trying to have, ultimate, someone could just scream in the frequency and that’s not very pleasant…

So in the end, I understand it must a be a bit frustrating being a student pilot and seeing people violate the rules by crossing the hold short line with their nose a little but a few compromises and looking over a few things has to be done in IF, otherwise, we’d have people complaining about reports more often than ever, and in the end of the day, we can always make pilots more aware and teach them about how to properly stop at a hold short line, that is to not have any part of the aircraft crossing it.


Yeah don’t want an FSX Steam Edition type thing going on lmao


It does actually happen in the real world as well. An aircraft can be cleared to “line up and wait” as soon as a landing aircraft has gone past that respective holding point. Also, with a large gap in inbound traffic, multiple aircraft can be given line-up instructions at the same time on the same runway, as long as they are at different holding points and the spacing between the two will be sufficient as to not cause any risk to the aft-positioned aircraft when the forward-positioned aircraft begins it’s takeoff roll.

The AIM and 7110.65 say the runway is clear as long as the aircraft exiting is past the runway edge and further movement isn’t restricted. Furthermore here is the rules on LUAW. Remember IFATC doesn’t apply all real world procedures.


U sure ur not just seeing one plane departing and another line up and wait on runway…? If that’s the case then it is very much ok in real world. 👍 student pilot too.

It happens all the time in the real world. If the takeoff queue is busy, one aircraft can be given takeoff clearance and the one behind will be given line up and wait. It’s something that many IFATC controllers also do but I wish more would adopt.

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My instructor told me it never happens and when you’re cleared to enter the runway it’s all yours 🤷‍♂️ I’ll see if I can find the FAR for it.

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I have seen this too. He told to planes to line up at once.

Outside of just seeing it in terms of a real-world LUAW, if you listen to ATC at busy real-world airports you’ll hear it all the time. DFW will line 2 up sometimes while another takes off and or they do a runway crossing.

Are you flying at unbusy regional airports? It would make sense at airports where flying schools are based that are not too busy to have that rule.

Ok, lets be honest. Lets assume the rules say you cant have 2 planes in the runway, ever. Imagine the impatient pilots, airport clogging with people, and especially during an event, oh lord it is going to be chaos. Plus, in real life, when a plane is taking off, while its halfway down the runway, the next plane is ready to go waiting (depending upon arrival flights). If you look at airports with multiple or intersecting runways, thats usually the case.

There will be no damage as long as everyone does what they’re supposed to do. Simple as that.

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But the problem is that people don’t always do what they’re supposed to do- a lineup and wait could be confused for a takeoff clearance and an aircraft could reach V1 while another aircraft begins to cross the runway. If everyone did what they were supposed to do we wouldn’t need a whole lot of safety regulations.

Only when you receive cleared for takeoff is the runway yours.