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Will my subscription work on both iPad and Android?


Hello, your subscription will work on any device , but make sure to log into the same account as your subscription. E.g i use goolge, so if i go on another device and log in with my goolge account it will be there!

Also If you log into another device, your previous device will get logged out. This is done so you can only fly on one device at a time

But if you would like 2 devices doing 2 flights you will need another account e.g another google account and by the subscription again. Then you have both subscriptions on both accounts

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You can’t have the same account if they’re on separate system. I think.

It is possible to use 2 devices for one subscription account. Just use your prexcisting account i.e. your google account. The only catch is that you can only fly on one account. This means you can’t have 2 separate flights going on the same account.

You can log into the same account on multiple devices at the same time with no issue. You just can fly only on one device… if you attempt to fly 2 different flights on the same account it will cut the engines on one of the flights and you will crash. I know this from experience some time back

Thank you all for your help

@DeerCrusher you know what to do.

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