I am a new IF User and am looking to purchase multiplayer.

My question about the multiplayer option is if I get all planes for single player and multiplayer when I purchase the year long subscription, as it is $50 in the US and I am looking to get the best worth out of my money.


I think this is what you’re asking - yes, you get all the planes, regions and also Live with the Live+ subscription. After the year, you will have whatever you previously purchased unless you renew it. Tell me if you’re asking something else!


When you buy live+ you get all panes and regions for a year. You will have these planes and regions for both live on solo while the subscription is active

Thank you for answering… Will definitely buy live in the next few months

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If you play a lot then Live+ will definitely be worth the money, but if you’re like me and only flies a few aircraft once in a while then buy the aircraft and Live subscriptions as you desire.

I will play once or twice every few days but when I do i’d prefer to have all aircraft since the same liveries are pretty boring. Is live+ still fine?

Yep, that’s enough to justify the price. I play something like once every few months lol.

Yes, the money is definitely worth it.