I have just noticed that in multiplayer in all the servers you can save your flight at 28,000 I find this feature useful however I think it would be much more useful if the save altitude was decreased to just 5,000 so that’s it’s easier to use and we don’t need to climb that high just to save the flight.

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This is a newly added feature called flight resume. You can find more information about it here Introducing Flight Resume!

At this time, this is how it works. If you’d like to see changes or have ideas, you’re more than welcome to request something for a vote in the Features category.

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I do think the minimum altitude should be lowered by a little bit (reduced by a maximum of 5000) so turboprop aircraft can be accommodated as needed, however flight resume wasn’t made so Cessna flyers can just have a coffee break. It’s main purpose is to be used by long-haul flyers cruising between Flight Levels 290 and 430. Allowing it at 5000 feet could be catastrophic as one could just spawn in a busy airspace.


Too much danger of spawning directly into an active airspace. What kind of flights are you doing that are long enough to warrant saving that you can’t practically climb to FL280 for? Only examples I can think of are extreme Dash 8 & SR22 range testing. It would’ve been useful on my 158 hour A380 flight too I guess.


If this is the case it can work like this…
If we are in a busy airspace the altitude to save flight will be 10,000 or above if the airspace isn’t a busy one the altitude to save flight will be 5,000.
If it is still a dangerous idea then still change it to 5,000 and if we are in a busy airspace make it where it won’t let us save the flight until we have left the airspace.

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I dont have the permissions to post there.

EGLL to Dubai EGLL to singapore and sydney and many more

Hi there,

A 2 hour long flight in a C208, for instance. Cannot reach 28000ft, and most of the time cruises below 15000ft to avoid strong winds.

Maybe it should be aircraft dependant?

My two cents.

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How does the app know if it is a busy airspace? That’d be hard to code.

Also, there is no way of knowing if the airspace will be busy when you respawn, which is the real problem.

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Not sure how that would work then but I still think this would make it better

Impractical bc airspaces ebb and flow. Sometimes ATC is there, sometimes it isn’t. The busyness level changes dramatically within short amounts of time. I think it’s just too risky and difficult to inplement.

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Is 2 hours long enough to need flight resume?

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For me, yes (I am limited to about an hour a day
… am in between two bits of a 2h30 flight from OMAA to VABB, which I’ll finish tomorrow!), but a C208 can do 5 hour long flights. Anyway, just saying the flight level could be aircraft dependant!

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That could be a good idea for sure. Perhaps it could come attached with a warning for planes below FL280 to check airspace beforehand on or something.


yes I agree