Multiplayer User Connection

Device: iPad Pro 12.9 in. (2021)
Operating system: iPadOS17.1.1

So in the past few months I’ve been facing a lot of connection issues with multiplayer. When I’m flying on mobile hotspot, most aircraft are not shown on my map and if they are shown, they are unknown. For ATC, I can receive messages but can’t transmit (both for controlling and flying). If you think this issue is caused by switching from Wi-Fi to Hotspot, yes. But it also happens when I’m connected to hotspot.

For example, I always restart my iPad before a flight. I connect to my personal hotspot from my phone and launch infinite flight. When I fly out of an airport, it works fine. When I come to land when there is ATC, it doesn’t work. Most of the aircraft show unknown. While controlling, ATIS is not shown for pilots when I publish and I can’t send messages.

I’m not sure what is causing this issue. My mobile hotspot works just fine.

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Have you tried reinstalling Infinite Flight? This is an option, however you will lose all of your replay files.

If that doesn’t work, I suggest contacting support here:

I tried doing everything. Not working.

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