Multiplayer Server Update

What new things have been made in the servers? I am quite confused. What’s news?

Thank you.

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I have no idea, but it is supposed to be better for everyone

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As mentioned in the blog article about the server updates, and as Mathias correctly suggested above, the changes to the multiplayer servers that have been made are for better connectivity with the servers. This should result in less connection drops with the live server, and by extension, less missed instructions from ATC and a generally more enjoyable flight experience.

No new features have been included with this round of server updates, however, it was mentioned that a full server rework is planned, which would include support for synchronization of jet bridges and other ground service equipment. Nothing more in-depth has been shared on the matter yet, though.

Hope this has answered it for you!

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Read and your answer is there!

So… what are the visible changes for a player (one that they can notice instantly) ?

Better performance and less app crashes I think

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