Multiplayer Replay Update


I would like to say, I totally agree with you, I think this simulator is one of the best there is, it lacks work is clear, we all like the weather and the lights and everything, we all make an effort paying the subscription, but surely worth


This is much more detailed than simply recording the screen, as you can see from the original comment.


Ahh ok thanks


yup, you can still get decent video shots in solo mode with the replay, although being able to do it on multiplayer with other planes surrounding you would make the shot that much better. There may be performance issues for sure with this mode though given its complexity


Ok cool thanks


I agree that this feature will be beneficial for IFATC, but what about the Pilots? This feature will allow us to see our flight replayed WITH OTHER PILOTS in our replay. And I’m assuming the view change will be in there like it is in Solo Flight Mode. So imagine using the Cabin Right Seat view in a CRJ900 amidst a plethora of A380’s, 747’s, 67’s and Triple 7’s at KLAX💯💯💯 TRULY a limit buster!!!


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The cool thing about live replay is that it’s all just network data that’s being stored. No video file. So the performance will be virtually the same as when you flew/controlled in real time 🙂


As noted, this will be added, just not in this first update of the year, unless we’re able to push it more quickly than anticipated.


This is sort of a drag.

The best part of ghost appeals are the wildly-inaccurate, but incredibly humorous interpretations of what “really” happened before confronted with screenshots. With replay, now we’ll just jump straight to the groveling apology phase. Bummer.

Some of those stories were incredibly creative and fantastic.


I know right, I still can’t get over this topic 🤣


Haha - right you are, Tim. Some of us may or may not be keeping a list of the best ones 👀


Someone said replay will never happen or ever come into multiplayer but look what’s about to be released sooonnnn HAHAH


No one thought it would be possible to fly around the world to any destination you could imagine either. We continue to reach new feats and redefine what we thought was possible!


Yay! Its finally here!!


Wait. Has this happened, or will it happen soon?


It is coming soon. It is not released yet. It will be released to IFATC first, known as “ATC Replay.” After that will come “Pilot Replay.” The latter is still under major work and not close to release, but if they gain major progress on it, it will come sooner than what the IF Staff currently expect. ATC Replay is nearly ready. A release date is currently unknown, as per usual.


Does anyone know if a replay from your past flights, will delete when you start a new flight. If not, how many replays will be stored at once


Hello, that’s unknown at this stage. This topic is primarily talking about the function to record expert server ATC sessions. The feature you are talking about will likely come at a later stage so I’m sure there will be a point later on to ask that question.