Multiplayer Replay Update


I assume so, this already happens if a pilot captures a screenshot or recording of someone clearly breaking the rules and sends it to the mods.


You won’t have to worry about “retroactive ghosts” if you aren’t clearly being a troll on the Expert Server. The moderators always appreciate true effort and genuine mistakes sometimes happen - your fellow pilots realize that too.

But if you diving for the runway at Vs 5000 and cutting off some other aircraft on final - you do need to go back to casual/training; don’t you?


Amazing Update


So why are posts which are in any way negative or disparaging hidden from view? That seems mildly autocratic. It seems people are condemned for saying anything negative about the product on this forum. Which they are entitled to do because they’re paying a not insubstantial fee for the subscription and also it’s better for you guys to have balanced feedback.

Furthermore, you say other people are working on other things in the background but it’s been nearly a year and a half since Global’s release and still none of the aforementioned environment upgrades have been implemented or even confirmed to be WIP.

Wouldn’t you agree, development in this app is very slow and not really proportionate with the subscription fee.


Well I think that if you do look at the 2018 Updates you would see that their was a new update every month or every 2 months from each other and they were great updates every time. You got to look at the large picture as this is a phone and tablet simulator so it takes more time to develop and find ways to create new things… the updates I think are on a perfect rate with the amount of money your paying as things take time. The money you pay also isnt just for new updates it’s to keep the servers running, the cloud providers, and everything else that cost to keep a simulator running


Generally, I believe posts that are deleted or moderated contain vulgarity, slander, are just plain rude, or are wildly off topic. Anything that breaks forum rules. You may disagree or profess your dissatisfaction with the app. If that’s your only mission however, you’ll likely be told we don’t need your “help” anymore.

This is partially true, and something that I personally am doing my best to remedy. I hope you’ll agree that communication in the community via the forum, blog, and social media has improved. If not, I hope my ongoing efforts will help. I have 2 new posts in the pipe for the blog that specifically deal with the technical issues our developers face when dealing with streaming data and rendering graphics. I think these will help.

You see Laura and Jarno’s work the most in the forum of aircraft and frequency of updates. Philippe and Kevin work on a lot of things that you see but don’t realize are important. These are things like updating the graphics rendering method so that an outdated dependency doesn’t make our existing code obsolete. This is a LOT of work that goes largely unnoticed (until now hopefully). Further to that, due to the fact that we offer global flight, ATC, and multiplayer (which no other sim does, PC or Mobile), we have to be very creative in how we add things like clouds so they don’t grind your device to a halt.

I have explained where your subscription dollars go many times so the info is out there. If you don’t believe there is value in the subscription that’s a personal decision you have to make. No amount of distain will change how fast we can produce our product.

Hopefully this helps a little. Cheers! ✌🏼


Awesome! Can’t wait to try this out.


This is like the black box.


Yes! But better 😍


guess you never heard of FSX/xplane/p3d…???
blatant lie right there


Hi Drew. Apologies if there’s a misunderstanding. Is there a sim other than Infinite Flight that has all three of those things? I don’t know of one.


I might be a little naive here, but not purposely trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. I’ll disambiguate by saying that Infinite Flight has in-game ATC with real people (not relying on AI or a third party system like VATSIM), and in-game multiplayer without the need to figure out your friend’s IP address (or muck with your router), and global flight without add-on’s (Of course you require a subscription).

I may have overreached, so I’ll retract that and say “on mobile”.

Fair enough to get back on track? 🙂


Yep, all of those have a VATSIM option which has all three


You guys are killing me! I’ve corrected myself. Let’s talk mobile only… I’m waving my white flag 🏳


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Hey Jason! Yes, they are correct with the PC sims, however they have many more limitations (windows updates, drivers, general system stability), and in my experience, are much, much less stable. So tell the rest of the devs keep up the great work with the updates, and making infinite flight far above any other mobile sim. It truly is in a league of its own, and has even dragged me over from X Plane.


I will pass the kind words along, Avali! I would amend my comment but then this thread would lose context. My erroneous and clearly offensive claim will have to stay! We certainly have made some progress with the very loyal PC Sim crowd which we appreciate a lot. There’s room for all of us.


Love it!!! The possibilities for recording and making videos have been broadened like never before!!!


Can’t you just get a screen recorder and screen record it


Can you watch the replays after a crash?