Multiplayer Replay Update


Is there a speed up button btw


@jasonrosewell So excited to hear about the work in progress and other projects in the pipe.

I don’t think I’ve see it asked in the thread… On the pilot multiplayer replay, will ATC communications also be recorded in the replay data?


Again take a closer look at the finer details. The image shows a forward and rewind button on the UI at the bottom so I can only assume you can forward through the session in increments and rewind.


Yes. As I’ve said, it will literally be everything from your flight.


I really dont see why some people have negative comments on all of your work. It truly takes a lot of time and effort to create a realistic mobile sim like this. The replay system is a great idea and I can not wait to see how it works! 3 things I would love to see in the future when it is possible is tire smoke, buildings, and clouds!. But for now what you have done so far is amazing and I have 0 complaints. keep up the great work! 😉👌🏻


I’m in love with this update. It’ll also be helpful for IFATC and Training Server controllers who actually try!


I really can’t wait, it’s gonna be sooooo good for the best looking, live spotting shots. I I’m gonna use it so much. Can’t wait to see everyone else shots too 🤙


Love all the work you guys are doing!


Thank you, Seth 🙂. We appreciate your kind words. Part of our community and online efforts are to allow people to voice their opinions and that they do! Our subscription cost isn’t nothing. It’s an investment, and we do expect to hear what people think.

We will continue to put our best foot forward in the balance of peaking customer interest and building what we believe is the coolest mobile flight sim product available.



Will you be able to access the reply during the flight so will I able to watch my take off just after I’ve taken off or will i have to wait till the flights been completed to watch my take off ?


Hey Mark. Only after your session will you be able to access the replay.


So I’m guessing there will be a ‘replay flight’ button or something like that in the logbook?

Edit: Sorry I am just really excited, I’ll will get the answer when the update is released I guess 😅


I think we can all agree that it’s the best and coolest mobile flight sim product available. The replay feature is a game changer again, each update just is better and better. We heard about live replay in the past that it was possibly on the timeline for a future update, but from the graphic (that’s a WIP and subject to change, I know) I can tell it will well exceed my expectations for what live replay was going to be. Always quality as always, exceeding expectations. :)


This is sooooooooo cool! A thousand thanks for all the work that went (and still goes) into this update. Wanted this ever since i use IF!


Will be Live replay available during flight? Or only after landing? Because for example people can go into replay while flying important part of the route (climbing/approach/landing) and they won’t see overspeeding warning or ATC instructions (On Expert Server for example) which can lead to unpleasant situation like violations or ghost.

Maybe it will be better to not let users use Live replay during the flight at least on Expert Server to avoid people from getting warnings, violations and even ghosts?

P.S. Sorry, didn’t see the answer above

And can pilots use special button to highlight (pin) an important moment during the flight ( and it will be colored on replay timeline) when for example someone on expert server violated rules, person saw a bug or something else, a good moment for video, etc.?


Excellent idea!


this is realy interesting, thank you for the amazing work!


Folks, please read the entire thread before asking questions :) I’ve answered lots of them already.

If you have feature requests, please wait until after it is released. If your feature isn’t there, create one in the #features category.




You are maybe getting confused with the other feature which is pilot replay, this topic is referring to the WIP for the ATC replay. This means the whole session from the controllers point of view will be recorded. The feature you are describing is known to be coming but not with this iteration of the feature for reasons I can only assume come down to issues with implementing it and so this ATC feature will be the first to be released. It’s only for expert server ATC and as I said records the whole session to be played back after the session. This will be a massive help in explaining why people got ghosted and with the huge influx of new pilots, thanks to some great growth of Infinite a Flight I think it’s a very good step in the right direction to improve admin for ATC and even educate pilots/ATC aswell.



So if/when ‘Multiplayer Replay’ rolls out for pilots on Expert. Will this mean there will be retrospective ghosts for pilots clearly breaking the Expert Server rules and ‘caught on camera’ by other pilots?